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plastic business card printingMost people buy a stack of business cards when they start their business and never reorder. Unfortunately, only a few amongst them understand their true potential as a marketing tool. Business cards are much like mini-brochures of your business and when partnered with a confident handshake and a great marketing pitch they can work wonders. Following are 4 ways you can get the most out of your business cards.

Appeal to the Sense of Touch: Humans are biologically tuned to judge an object by touch. This means whenever clients touch your business card for the first time, they invariably form an impression. This is where plastic business cards come into play. Taking a break from conventional paper materials, the plastic feels premium at hand. Plastic cards are also more durable and can have transparent or translucent elements. When browsing through a stack of boring paper business cards, a plastic business card would instantly feel different to touch. Drawing immediate attention, the plastic card shows your clients and customers that you are willing to go the extra mile

Keep it Clean: The primary objective of your business card is to make a lasting impression. This is why you should refrain from cramming in a bulky text content to fill up the limited space. A cluttered and text-heavy design steals the premium look of the card. The best way forward is to include a few basic contact information and leave enough space between your company logo and the underlying information.

Do More Than Just Provide Business Information: When you hand over your business card, people expect to find your company phone number and address. What they don’t expect is to read a quote that briefs everything your company stands for. Adding a famous quote is one of many things you can add to make your business card more interesting. You can even consider adding the Logo of the charitable foundation your company supports. This will help create a common ground and thus fortify customer confidence. Adding a QR code that leads your customers to a marketing video is also a smart way of getting the most out of your business card.

Pair It With a Great Business Conversation: Carrying plastic business cards that look amazing is only half the job done. The cards themselves will fail to get the ball rolling unless it comes paired with a great conversation or marketing pitch. Some people like to start a conversation by handing over their business cards. This is a rookie mistake. Mainly because the person you are handing the card to is still not invested in your idea. No matter how good your card looks, it’s still a piece of paper or plastic that holds no real value. The trick is to start a conversation by acknowledging the problem your business solution aims to solve. Once the listener is drawn into the conversation, offer the solution without naming your company. If you believe the potential client or customer is convinced, then hand over the card and introduce your company. This does two things. Firstly, it boosts the value of your business card and thereby increasing the chances of positive responses. This approach also keeps you from wasting perfectly good business cards by giving them away to people who are clearly not interested.

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