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We have the following recommendations aimed at ensuring that your ID card/digi-ID with the microchip serve you for as long as possible:
  • Protect the ID card from abrupt temperature fluctuations, radiation, moisture and long exposure to direct sunlight as these factors can damage the microchip.
  • Do not twist or bend the ID card as the card/microchip can get damaged (for instance, keeping the card in the rear trouser pocket can result in the card becoming bent or scratched).
  • Protect the ID card from coming into contact with sharp objects. Make sure that the card does not come into contact with metals objects (for instance: keys, wallet buckle, etc.).
  • Protect the ID card from water, chemical substances and their vapours, ionising, ultraviolet and roentgen radiation and electrical charges. Do not place the card in a strong magnetic field. If moisture gets on the ID card, you must wipe the microchip dry as soon as possible.

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