Your need for having the quality plastic cards and getting the best plastic card printing services can be achieved at the TagPrint. We offer high quality offset lithographic plastic card printing service using our strict quality control method so that you get the best plastic cards that in turn help you to promote your business.


1. Gift Cards and Gift Card Printing


Tag Print is your first choice for all plastic gift cards and gift cards printing needs. We are specialist in offering Custom Plastic Gift Cards i.e. craft your personal design either by yourself or by our in house design team that are creative and accurate in giving you great Gifts Card Printing services.

2. PVC Cards and PVC Plastic Card Printing:

Our PVC card printing services and PVC cards are known for its quality and durability. TagPrint PVC cards are elegant, easy-to-use, competitively priced, and robust and are easy to handle.

Membership Cards and Membership Card Printing:

TagPrint provides quality and affordable plastic membership cards and membership cards printing services. TAG offers quality and custom membership cards printing to increase customer loyalty.

TagPrint designs and prints a large variety of plastic cards and can address all of your business needs. Elegantly designed plastic cards are offered at reasonable prices. We can print low cost plastic business cards, gift cards, loyalty cards, ID cards, key access cards and more. Plastic Business cards are all specially designed to make sure that you receive the highest quality cards for the most reasonable price.

3. Print VIP Cards and ID Cards Printing

Loyalty programs improve customer retention and encourage spending; an elegantly printed VIP Card enhances product image and represent the vision and the quality of your business or organization.


4. Contactless Smart Card (MIFARE)

Contactless Smart Cards are cards that contain an IC (integrated chip) that complies with ISO 14443 (mostly type A) or better known as Mifare. ISO 14443 sets communication standards and transmission protocols between card and reader to create interoperability for contactless smart card products. Read/write range of devices is usually up to 4 inches/10cm. TAG offer MIFARE Cards and MIFARE Cards printing.

5. UHF ISO Card (GEN2)

The UHF ISO Card (GEN2) provides both long-range identification and muti-card read/write capability; The UHF card is used in applications from access control, staff identifcation to customer loyalty programs. ID offers UHF white blank card, and per-printed card.


6. Contact Smart Card (SLE5542 Memory Card)

The SLE5542 has an intelligent 256 bytes with Write Protection and Programmable Security Code (PSC) and with ISO 7816 smart card interface. The SLE5542 is a standard, low-cost memory smartcard. It has a 256 x 8 bit EEPROM data memory with 32 x 1 bit protection memory. The SLE5542 is a fully compatible, upgraded version of the SLE4442. TAG offers SLE5542 white blank card, and per-printed card.

7. Hybrid Card

TagPrint offers customization of smart card to suit end-user stringent requirements. We offer combined Smart Cards and Hybrid Smart Cards and Cards printing.

GEN 2 MIFARE 1k EM4100 Memory Card Magnetic HICO
GEN 2 Gen2 + Mifare 1k Gen2 + EM4100 Gen2 + Memory Card Gen2 + Magnetic HICO
MIFARE 1K MIFARE 1K + EM4100 MIFARE 1K + Memory Card MIFARE 1K + Magnetic HICO
EM4100 EM4100 + Memory card EM4100 + Magnetic HICO
Memory Card Memory Card + Magnetic HICO


8. Proximity Card (EM4100)

EM4100 are cards carrying digital information that can be read from a distance by a RFID transceiver (Reader).

EM4100 carries 64 bits of Read Only memory. This means that information can be read from the Tag but no data can be changed, or new data written to the card once the card has been programmed with the initial data. We offer both EM4100 cards, and pre-printed EM4100 cards.

9. Magnetic Card (HICO)

A magnetic card can store any form of digital data. A magnetic card stores information in three separate tracks. All three tracks possess different bit densities and encoded character sets. Track one can hold around 79 characters. The second and third tracks hold 40 and 107 characters respectively.

TagPrint offers both Magnetic cards, and pre-printed Magnetic cards.