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Now you can offer Membership Cards, Discounts Cards, Gift Cards and more!

You can easily brand, issue, and process your own secure gift cards, loyalty cards, or membership cards. You can start your own affordable loyalty program by replacing old-fashioned paper gift certificates and punch card frequency programs with our smart Loyalty Card system.

How does it work?

1 – You give your customers a way to sign up for your program which we build for you.  This can be a link to a site, a website just for your Loyalty Program or code embedded in your current website.

2 – Create Cards (Paper or Plastic) or even a table top Flyer for those that don’t have smart phones with a link to your Loyalty Signup form.

QRCodes or TAG Codes are added to your Table Top forms for Smart Phone access list a direct URL for those that can’t scan in the code or just want to join at home on their PCs.

3 – Clients signup with their contact information that you now can track, verify and download the data for future marketing.

Now take all these contacts and drip market to them with specials, deals, discounts and more!

We have 2 ways for you to use the Smart Loyalty Card System

A link to a web page or Integrated into your site

We can even build you a website just for your Loyalty Card System

Manage your Loyalty Card owners with a stand alone Desktop Application


The Smart Loyalty Card System can Manage the Following Functions:

  • Collect Customer Information
  • Send Marketing Information to Customers
  • Loading and managing specific cardholder details
  • Personalization and configuration
  • Track Stats
  • GEO Tracking with TAG coding
  • SMS (mobile marketing) built-in in larger package (.01 cents per text)
  • Website Integration via Embedding or plugin (WordPress only)

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