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The manufacturing process for Metal Business Cards is complex and intricate. It’s a process we’ve worked hard to master over the last decade. Making Metal Business Cards is a very different process than that of paper, plastic or wood business cards. Let’s take an in-depth tour of How Metal Business Cards are made! The fun starts with the Artwork! We work one proof at a time, back-and-forth with our clients. Once they’re completely satisfied and confirm the artwork, the order is sent to production in our state-of-the-art facility. Contrary to popular belief, not all Metal Business Cards are laser cut. In fact, most of our Metal Business Cards are cut with chemicals rather than a laser. Chemical etching is a fast, precise and efficient method for cutting and etching metal. Once the Metal Business Cards are chemically etched, any cards with color are then individually screen printed by hand. We match the solid-coated PMS color that was noted on the digital proof and screen print either onto the card’s surface or into specific etched areas on the card (whichever the design calls for). There are numerous, intricate steps involved with making Metal Business Cards. Making Metal Business Cards is not only our specialty – we sincerely enjoy doing what we do! Our goal remains to give you the means to make an unforgettable impression and keep our customers for life. That said, we’re constantly pushing the industry boundaries to better serve our growing number of clients.


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