With the rapid development of global information technology, variety of plastic card rapidly access to application fields. Bank credit card, mobile phone SIM cards, phone cards and other cards applications have been closely linked with people’s lives. Card is based on plastic materials, it is gradually increasing the paper materials at present. PVC plastic sheet material has small part of the PET, ABS and so on.

Magnetic stripe card: Bank credit card, debit card as representatives.

IC card: CPU bank payment cards, mobile phone SIM card, public telephone cards, medical insurance cards, etc.
Proximity card: Bus fees card, campus / business card, personal documents.
Barcode card: Library card, toll roads and bridges, membership cards.
VIP card: Shopping malls, hotels, clubs and other membership cards.

Prepaid card: mobile phone, fixed telephone, electricity and water, gas, Internet and other large-scale use.

The production process of plastic card are including printing, laminating, punching about 20 processes, most processes adopted automation equipment, a small part of the process must be done manually. In Plastic card manufacturing processes, the control technology or color card , surface cleanliness control technology must be the core technology in a plastic card factory.

Plastic card production materials accounted for 80% PVC, there are some companies use PET, ABS and other environmental friendly materials card now. Using PET, ABS material correspond with environmental protection, but cost is relatively high.