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Epoxy RFID Keytag features an attractive appearance which is finely designed to attract the customer,the nice appearance is aim to promote company image. Epoxy RFID Keytag is completely epoxy coated,giving it a wonderful gloss coating. The material of the Epoxy RFID Keytag is made of PVC and is similar to a credit card. Through the PVC layer,it is possible to have the complete trailer offset with any company logo and with all available pantone color,printed on both sides. The shape of the Epoxy RFID Keytag can be individually tailored to the customer. So it is possible to order a customized special production.

Epoxy RFID Keytags in low-profile are made of durable plastic to provide superior performance and high durability. The Epoxy RFID Keytag is among the most robust keyfobs in the market.It is widely used for loyalty system,access control system,time-attendance system,promotion systems etc.

Epoxy RFID Keytag combine the RFID technology with good looking and practical keyfob housings. They can easily be fitted to a normal key ring.We accept the OEM manufacturing of the tag,and we provide our partners the different customization technics on the tag.

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