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Plastic card have a major benefit that augments many of their uses. That is, they live a long life. Have a quick look in your purse or wallet and take stock of the plastic cards you have. The cards you see could be your bank card, your loyalty cards, access cards, and maybe you’re lucky enough to have a gift card.

Now, take note of how long you’ve had a particular card. Chances are you may have had some cards for more than a year, and if they have lost a little bit of their luster, they still have their utility.

Plastic cards have been around for some time. Their closest and earliest ancestor is the “charge card”. The charge card served the dual function of being a transactional card, like today’s credit cards and gift cards, as well as a membership card like today’s loyalty, access, and membership cards. Business cards are relatively recent in their adoption of the PVC medium.

Essentially, their long lasting finish and utility have made the dual PVC plastic a stable for a wide variety of uses.

Access / Membership cards

Add to the prestige and exclusivity of your club, venue, and organisation by printing your brand elements on these cards and giving members a quality membership card.

Use them for exclusive events, or as a unique access card for your venue or organisation.

Gift cards

Using a premium feeling and well designed PVC plastic gift card increases the likelihood of your objective to drive that first purchase with your gift cards.

You can also use them as a way to easily drive referrals from existing customers and increase the chances of that first purchase, that will lead to many more.

Loyalty cards

Drive retention and repeat purchases by using these cards for your loyalty program. This can be a particularly useful hack for service related businesses to have a physical presence with their customers long after they have engaged with your service.

Plastic business cards

Enhance your personal and or company’s brand by printing your business cards on our dual PVC plastic. This will enable your business cards to outshine and outlast the rest.

You don’t have to discard your paper business cards just yet. You can strictly limit the use of your special plastic business cards to networking situations where you need something extra to stand out.

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