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Mifare CardMifare Contactless Card utilizes the RFID technology to read or write data from the chip embedded inside the card.

To complete the transaction, it required only a small distance between the card and card encoder. This type of card is used for different purposes, such as public transportation and access control. For transaction purposes, holders are able to keep the card within the wallet if the distance is within the limit.

Different standards are available (ISO/IEC 14443, further divided into type A and B), allowing the communication distance up to 10cm.

Benefits :
  • Can process information, calculate mathematical formulas, and perform other computing functions
  • Additional features and applications can be added to a contactless smart card as user needs evolve
  • Require very little maintenance because they contain no moving parts and require no points of contact
  • Avoid the use of obsolete and outdated systems while providing the best avenue for system expandability
  • Allowing private information to stay in possession of the card holder instead of being stored in a data base
  • Uniquely capable of providing optimal transmission security with optional encryption and mutual authentication features

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