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An NFC reader and writer that plugs into a USB port. The ACR122U has a flat surface that makes it easy to use, just place an NFC tag on top of it to quickly read and write NFC tags. It has three controllable LEDs that can be programmed to notify you when a tag is in field, being written or read. The ACR122U comes with the GoToTags NFC logo on the top surface. This is the NFC reader we recommend for high speed NFC encoding.


-USB 2.0 Full Speed Interface.
-CCID Compliance.
-Smart Card Reader:
*Read/write speed up to 424 kbps

*Built-in antenna for contactless tag access, with card reading distance of up to 50 mm

*Supports ISO 14443 Type A and B cards, Mifare, FeliCa, and all 4 types of NFC (ISO/IEC 18092) tags

*Built-in anti-collision feature (only 1 tag is accessed at any time)

-Application Programming Interface:
*Supports PC/SC

*Supports CT-API (through wrapper on top of PC/SC)

-User-controllable bi-color LED

-User-controllable buzzer

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