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Membership Cards

Everyone wants to feel like they’re part of the club. A high quality durable membership card gives your members a sense of exclusivity and belonging, while offering special benefits associated with your card can help you attract and retain customers.

A Highly Effective Marketing Tool

Membership cards aren’t just about controlling access. Our plastic membership cards can help you find out more about your customers, so you can market to them with personalised offers and messages, for example:

  • Free gifts or passes for continued use.
  • Discounts on food, drink or other products.

They can also help you track the popularity of different activities within your club so you can identify member interests and cross sell more effectively.

Plastic membership cards or ID cards can now incorporate extra benefits such as tag print for the blind and partially sighted. With more and more companies now recognising the need to offer a Tag Print alternative on their plastic card we have invested in the technology to offer this service. Tag print option will be a great asset to add to client plastic ID cards and membership cards alike.

Quality Counts

It’s important to look for quality when sourcing membership cards. Far more durable than cardboard (even if the cards are stored in pockets or wallets for long periods of time) our cards are protected with a PVC laminate so any details or images incorporated into the card won’t fade or rub off over time. We can even produce braille plastic membership cards for improved accessibility.

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