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RFID Laundry Management Solution
Easy Tag has launched RFID laundry tag series for linen management and laundry tracking to simplify the tracking process. Available in LF, HF or UHF options, these washable RFID laundry tags are designed to withstand the harsh laundry cleaning process.
Assigned with a unique identify number, each RFID laundry tag is unique recorded to trace the garments accurately even after tens of washing times in the linen management application. It is made of special material to meet all endurance requirements in terms of heat and chemical resistance. And they can support varying operating temperature ranges, hot water temperature and immersion time dependent.
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To track mass linen and clothes, the RFID laundry tags are designed in HF ISO 15693 option or UHF Gen2 option to collect data from hundreds of linen items in few seconds. In this way, up to 50 pieces of tags can be simultaneously identified by an RFID reader /antenna per second. And as for the detecting range, the ISO 15693 laundry tag can be read wihtin read range of 12 cm, while the UHF Gen2 laundry tag can be read within read range of 5 meters .
These RFID laundry tags from Easy Tag are available in different sizes and difference. And as for the tag attachment method, it can be affixed by sewing, gluing, be pinned or tied on. It is suitable to use in a wide range of applications such as hospitals and hotels or anywhere which needs clothing and linen items to monitor to improve the accuracy of the inventory. Easy Tag also provides laundry tracking and linen management customers with a practical solution.
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