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Wristbands are already an essential tool for event management. But when you add RFID technology to them, you multiply their uses by a factor of ten.

Great Wolf water parks use RFID wristbands as room keys and as a way of posting photos to social media.

Radio Frequency Identification technology has been in use for several years. It uses an electromagnetic field to transmit identification information. As a product identification measure, it makes product pricing and inventory easier and protects against theft. As a pet identification measure, pet implants help in the identification of strays and lost pets. For medical care, RFID helps in the identification and tracking of patients and their families. Tracking military soldiers and wounded is made easier by RFID.

RFID wristbands use radio frequency electromagnetic fields to transfer information from the wristband tag to a receiver. The electromagnetic field is the power source for the wristband tag. The many uses for RFID in tracking inventory, livestock and pets have made it a very popular measure. The RFID tag attaches to almost anything from cars on an assembly line to shirts. The wristband tag raises concerns about collecting personal information without consent. At concerts, purchasing a ticket may imply consent to the RFID wristband. Most events need collect only the most basic personal information.

Samsung is introducing RFID wristbands at United Kingdom music concerts. The red Hot Chilli Peppers will be the first concert using the wristbands. Samsung also wants to enable NFC enabled phones to purchase tickets in the future. Facebook interaction is another groundbreaking feature of new identification systems. Concert-goers will be able to use social media to enter competitions related to the concert.

The wristbands are easy to wear and non-intrusive. Given to hospital patients at admission, they appear like most hospital wristbands, except that they have an RFID element. These wristbands ensure streamlined care, efficient patient tracking and proper administration of medications. Peace of mind comes from effective medical care administration.

For businesses, loss prevention is important. In the world of retail, RFID product tracking streamlines inventory management and makes stocking and loss prevention a snap. The benefits to health care practitioners include patient treatment, tracking and management. In concerts, there are many people to keep track of. RFID ensures that concertgoers can come and go without trespassing. Unauthorized entry cannot happen with RFID identification. While information gathering is not to everyone’s liking, it is something that helps a band’s bottom line. Event promotions are all about information and marketing.

Craig Franks works for MPM wristbands who are in the events industry. Whilst working for these event wristbands suppliers, he has learnt a lot about the practical benefits of using wristbands and with RFID technology being implemented, they can be used instead of tickets.

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